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Marilyn's Testimony on Ionic Detox?
I was invited to bring my Ionic Detox services to a Church in Grand Rapids. I was so surprised when they ushered me into the sanctuary to do the ionic cleansing. They said that Christ washed peoples feet and that I was a servant of God bringing relief to people so that was the most appropriate place for me to be helping them.

After the foot soaking when I massage their feet and apply a soothing lotion I feel this comforted feeling after the treatments; greater than other times. I am calm yet I feel strong and energized; as if I could continue much longer than usual.  I am able to help more people without tiring as soon as I usually would.  I just feel this contentment and I am happy that I am doing good for people.  Every Monday I go to the Church and I feel so blessed. The other Church members stay with us in the Sanctuary and pray.

The Ionic Detox has become the focus of my work with people and I feel as if I have found my calling. I am passionate about the results people are receiving and you can read about that in their testimonies. I have weekly patients at a massage therapy location, a chiropractic office and also have many clients who I meet with at a location of their choice or in my home.

Please call me at 616-393-9113 if you would like to find out more or would like to make an appointment. Please do not email me as I do not use the computer very well. I do much better on the phone.

Marilyn Heeringa

What is it like getting an Ionic Detox?

The Ionic Detox

To whom it may concern,

I truly hope that you will consider having an Ionic Foot Soak from Marilyn Heeringa. My name is Susan, from Grand Rapids MI., and, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Marilyn Heeringa. You will see how truly wonderful this system is and also have the great experience of meeting Marilyn.

A simple pleasure of having your feet soaking in warm sea salt water along with the healthy negative ion coil to cleanse and detox the whole body all at the same time.

To me this is an extremely efficient and effortless yet expeditious way of detoxing the whole body.

Your first treatment will let you know that you have made a very good decision. I am a believer in this system and, my over all health has improved from having experienced several soaks. I have had more than six Ionic Foot Soaks from Marilyn and, I plan to have many more for maintaining my optimum health. I will tell you that she is a most amazing woman.

I praise her for her kindness and her expertise in her knowledge and ability to create an atmosphere of health and wellness along with her delightful personality and unconditional love.

Before hand, she explains everything that you need to know and will answer all your questions.

Marilyn is praised by all whom she meets! She has a nursing background as an LPN for fifteen years and, she is so interested in helping people. Marilyn is not only a wonderful person, she is also extremely sanitary and includes a cleansing foot bath after the soak followed by a foot massage with organic lotions. It only takes 30 minutes for the detox and a maximum of a few more minutes for the after soak foot wash followed by a gentle foot massage. Office Cost is $25.00 and Home Party fees for groups of more than three are slightly less.

The Ionic Detox System is not only a health improving system but also a health maintaining system.

The Ionic Foot Detox System is nothing like the Kinoki foot pad system.

If you have researched this system you may ask why the water will change color with out a foot being in the water. This is because of the chemicals in the water, however, it is nothing at all like when an actual foot soak is being done. At a group detox soak at my home, every person had different results.

To my scientific approach this was astounding to me. One individual that was having yeast infections had that color and texture showing in the water. Another individual who works with metals every day had a color showing that she was removing heavy metals.

I hope that this information and the information below shows you how truly remarkable this system is and, I truly believe that it would be an asset to your over all health and well being.

I hope this will encourage you to give it a try, to see this system and experience it for yourself. Marilyn would love to come to you or you can come to Marilyn when it is convenient for you, at any time.

Her hours are by appointment.

You won't be disappointed!
Thank you for your consideration!
You may call Marilyn or myself with more questions or to set an appointment.

Susan Seavitt
Grand Rapids MI 49503


Testimonial 2013
Ionic Detox

I am a 76 year old make who comes to Michigan to visit relatives. Marilyn is in my regular schedule for foot detox. My whole system is re-energized after a visit. I highly recommended the Ionic Detox Spa foot bath for holistic treatment.

Renne Barczak
Philadelphia, PA.



Testimonial: 8/17/2013
Sauna Blanket Treatment

Hi, My name is Peggy, and I would like to recommend the sauna blanket to anyone who is struggling with weight loss. I started my sauna blanket treatments on 4/12/2013. At that treatment I weighed 231 pounds. The very next day I was down 2 pounds. Needless to say on 8/1/2013, after completing a total of 7 out of 8 blanket treatments, I weigh 178 pounds. The only thing I have changed in my diet is cutting back on starches and increased protein, with very minimal exercise. I am not saying not to exercise but even though I did very little, I still had wonderful results.

Peggy Tinsley

Testimonial 8-26/2013
Ionic Detox, Wraps,Red Lights,
Face Peel and Micro Current...

I have been going to Detox for Healthy Living for over a year now, and I am amazed how beautiful my skin has emerged back to beautiful. I started with the neck wraps and red lights, and ventured with Marilyn onto the hydrating face peel and lastly the micro current. My neck, jaw bones, eye sockets etc... were so saggy that my face would just wiggle with embarrassment and I looked sad all the time. I recently lost 20 lbs because of a healthy lifestyle change and my skin made me look like I should be a lot older than 45. While visiting Marilyn and having all this done, I have found that the little bit of money that I pay for services is nothing to what I have paid over the counter for stuff that does not work. I use little make up to enhance my shapely eyes now that I can see the make up that is on my lids not hidden under them. I will continue to see Marilyn for services, as my husband and I get Ionic detox treatments regularly, which helps with his asthma, psoriasis, eczema, along with cleansing the system tremendously.


Tracey Brown
Office Administrator
Kentwood, MI 49548


Testimonial 8-2009
Ionic Detox

Due to detox I feel great. My water turned orange color at my 1st detox and it was true I have had a lot of history with knee pain. After completion of my 1st session all the pain was gone. In my 2nd session, I had white yeast-like in my water and later that night my skin began to peel and all of my damaged skin from sunburns, rashes and acne, peeled off my face, revealing beautiful new skin. I haven't wore make-up in three weeks. Thanks and I recommend this treatment for anyone that wants a better quality of life.
Marion H.


Testimonial 8-26-2009

Hi, my name is Jackie and I have been doing the detox for 3 to 4 weeks now. When a friend of mines told me about it, I didn't believe him. So I decided to find out for myself. I had been having so much pain with my right ankle swelling; taking pain pills, and trying to do anything to alleviate the pain. I sprained my ankle twice and since it did not heal properly the doctors told me that I would need surgery. Well that was in 2004 and I have endured the pain up until now.

Since I have been coming to Marilyn for my detox treatments, I have had no swellings, have not been taking any pain medications, my shoes are slipping off my feet (due to me getting a bigger size from the swelling in the past) and I do not have to put my foot up on mountains of pillows anymore. This is something that I would recommend to anyone. If it wasn't me, I would not believe it. This is a blessed person to do this for people. Thank you Marilyn, you are an ankle saver.

Jackie Edwards

Testimonial: 8-25-2009
Ionic Detox

I was tired all the time; no energy. Could go up and down stairs. After taking the detox treatments I feel like a new person. I have so much energy; not as tired. I am doing much better with stairs. I am very happy with the results.

Thank you,

Peggy Murphy

Testimonial 6-6-2009
Ionic Detox

I was in constant pain with no relief in sight, until I had an ionic detox from Marilyn Heeringa LPN. I was diagnosed with chronic fibro-myalgia by my DO.

He prescribed an ionic detox to see if that would help. After several treatments, I have better breathing, less pain and an over all better quality of life. I am currently doing two detox' a week for my continued improvement.

Kathy S.
Grand Rapids MI.

Testimonial 8-2009
Ionic Detox

I reckon I'll call myself a detox addict. I felt the difference in my body after my first detox. I felt like Ali in the 5th. I felt light on my feet and energized. After my second detox my urine cleared up and it looked like I had been drinking my customary gallon of water even though I haven't been during the time of my 2nd detox. After that I was just itching to get my foot in the bucket for my third detox. That one felt like a stress reducer. As I write this testimonial I'm anxiously getting ready for my 4th detox with my men's group doing it for the second time. The swelling and discoloration in my leg is dissipating and looking better with each detox. The foot massage at the end is the grand finale. I'm hooked!






































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